Chai   Prana Sticky Masala Blend

Chai Prana Sticky Masala Blend

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For all the non coffee drinkers we have now partnered with Prana Chai.

It’s a comforting tea quite unlike anything you’ve ever chai-ed. A Goldilocks combination of whole spices and honey - not too spicy, not too sweet. Prana Chai Original Masala Blend beautifully balances smooth and spicy.

Our blend is lovingly handcrafted in Melbourne with premium black tea, whole spices, and ginger. This wet chai tea is coated with 100% Australian pure honey to bind all the aromatic flavors together.


Serves 15 cups per 250g.

    We are an on-demand small batch roaster of high quality specialty coffees sourced from around the world, striving for that perfect cup.