Cascara Tea

Cascara Tea

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Organic Brazil Casara     Notes of flavorful hibiscus, Raisin, and a tart cherry finish.   

Brew method recommendation:  10g cascara to 300ml water,  steep for 6 minutes.  Strain and enjoy.   Steep for around 10mins and pour over ice for a cold refreshing drink.

Farm: Fazenda Camocim

Elevation: 1300 - 1350meters

Acidity: Average

Body: Average

Sweetness: High

Note: This product does contain traces of caffeine.

When coffee is processed, the layers of skin, fruit, and parchment are broken down and removed, leaving behind the seeds we roast and brew. Those discarded layers once provided life and protection to the seeds, but don’t have to all go to waste. The skin of the coffee cherry is dried and called Cascara.

This dried fruit skin can be brewed with hot water to make a tea-like beverage that carries the flavor of the dried coffee cherry into the cup. 


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