SOS Animales

SOS Animales

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We have partnered with Cynn Coburn to help raise funding for SOS Animales in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua.    We will donate 20% of all sales of this Nicaraguan bean to insure the health and  happiness of all animals in the community.

For more information follow SOS.Animales.Nica on Instagram and facebook.

Also SOS Animales will accept any donations  to the link below,  Evert little bit helps.

Jim, Tiffany, Cynn, and SOS Animales appreciate your support.


Bean Info:

A Nicaragua roast rich with tones of Honey, Apple and Cherry.   Perfect bean for daily drip, pour over or immersion style brewing.         

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1350 - 1470 meters

Acidity: Low

Body: Above Average

Sweetness: Average

Roast: Medium

Size: 12 oz  fresh-sealed bag

All of our coffee will ship within 3 days from being roasted.

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